• Mohamad Hijazi

Patient Estimate - Discount Per Service

- Previously users were only able to give a discount on the entire treatment estimate

- which then forces them to always refer to the treatment estimate to see the discount amount

- we have added the feature for you to add a discount for each service [apply it on all, or separate discounts per service]

- this will also allow you to see the discount you have given the patient in his last visit, so you can remain consistent with your discounts

1- Discount column has been added to transactions as seen below

2- you can also give a discount directly on the service by clicking on it, instead of having to do it from the treatment estimate.

- you can select discount type as % percentage or amount

3- Finally you can also select a discount, and click on apply selected for the same discount to apply on all services, instead of adding it one by one

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