• Mohamad Hijazi

New Automatic SMS Types

- Up until now we have only had an Automatic SMS for creating a patient appointment

- We have recently added the below new types:

1- Auto SMS when appointment is Confirmed-D

2- Auto SMS when appointment is No Answer

3- Auto SMS when appointment is Completed

4- Auto SMS for new patients only "Temp" to welcome them to the clinic

to set up those types

1- First Please prepare the sms template you want for each type from the below screen

- office.dok32.com

- setup

- SMS Template

- Add New

- Select Type

- Write the msg with the automatic fields, and save

2- Then enable the auto sms from sittings to decide which templates will be sent automatically

- office.dok32.com

- setup

- sittings

- Patient sittings

- Notifications

- TICK on the type you want to activate to be sent automatically

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