• Mohamad Hijazi

Clinician's Signature on Clinical Note

- According to recent Audits in 2018

- We have added into each Clinical note

- Automatically: Doctor License , Doctor Name

- We have recently added Doctor signature as well to be viewed after saving the clinical note

- PLEASE NOTE: that this feature is only available if you are using Clinical Notes Templates

- PLEASE NOTE: "WRITE NEW" will not get the clinician signature at this point

- You will need to add the Signature field into the template as you will see below steps

- Your template can be one Question : free text for the doctor to write in

- and the signature field only

- HOW TO: "Ask your clinic manager/admin to do the below"

- open office.dok32.com

- Click on series

- Click on Clinical Note

- Click on Add New

- Write the text you need

- Add a Question Type [Free Text] for the clinicians to write in

- Add Doctor signature text

- Click on Standard Details

- Select Doctor Signature from the green area

- Save your template

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